Metaphors & Life

Free-Spirited September Glory

Ahh september, even the word itself brings shivers down my spine—in a good trickling sort of way. This month is the onset of Autumn, my absolute favourite thing in the entire world. Everything changes this time of year: the weather, the habits, the attitudes. The world sheds its skin, and every year I’m still mystified… Continue reading Free-Spirited September Glory


Enchanting moments & evolving memories

Sometimes I stare at couples talking and laughing in a coffee shop in front of me, and I feel it. A wave of emptiness, a longing, a nostalgic whirlwind of emotions that I don’t quite myself understand. A longing for something that even I don’t know of. But when you look at the surface of wanting… Continue reading Enchanting moments & evolving memories


’cause i know that it’s delicate

Isn’t isn’t isn’t. Seeing Taylor in concert on August 4th 2018, was a little bit of an ‘out-of-body’ experience. It’s really weird to explain the feeling, of seeing an artist who you remember since elementary school, seeing them in the same room as you, breathing the same air. I promise I’m normal (well, debatable), I… Continue reading ’cause i know that it’s delicate