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Heartbreaks & F***boys

I really don’t understand boys of this generation (and I’m pretty sure they don’t either). I mean, the ‘boys are from mars and girls are from venus’ phenomenon has always been the case, I get it. But for some reason, our generation has it the worst off. Now I haven’t travelled in different time periods… Continue reading Heartbreaks & F***boys

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Why Did We Leave Our Childhood Innocence Behind?

I think you can relate to pressing your ears against the cold squeaky door as a kid, wishing you could be a part of the “past-9pm” club. A downstairs unknown mystical place where adults would laugh the loudest, the most luxurious food would pop out, and TV colours would somehow shine the brightest resolution. I… Continue reading Why Did We Leave Our Childhood Innocence Behind?

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Why I Quit Starbucks…Again…

And the saga continues….and finally ends, my barista journey finally ends…for now…(because who knows? Clearly not me…ever). I wrote a blog post about starting my first job at Starbucks last year. Click here to read it! Oh crap, it wasn’t last year, it was last last year. May 2016. It’s almost been two freaking years. I… Continue reading Why I Quit Starbucks…Again…