’cause i know that it’s delicate

Isn’t isn’t isn’t. Seeing Taylor in concert on August 4th 2018, was a little bit of an ‘out-of-body’ experience. It’s really weird to explain the feeling, of seeing an artist who you remember since elementary school, seeing them in the same room as you, breathing the same air. I promise I’m normal (well, debatable), I… Continue reading ’cause i know that it’s delicate

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Why Did We Leave Our Childhood Innocence Behind?

I think you can relate to pressing your ears against the cold squeaky door as a kid, wishing you could be a part of the “past-9pm” club. A downstairs unknown mystical place where adults would laugh the loudest, the most luxurious food would pop out, and TV colours would somehow shine the brightest resolution. I… Continue reading Why Did We Leave Our Childhood Innocence Behind?