As a kid, whenever it would rain, you remember going outside, and spinning and dancing on the driveway, embracing their sprinkles of magic.

Even when it rains now, the childlike innocence in you dances and spins, your whole body racing to the beat of the storm.

This grey mysterious atmosphere would invade and siren out the deepest and darkest wonderings of your heart into the open.

This twisted attraction to sadness comforted you.

In the rain, your soul connects to the wavelengths of nature and feels its emotions, it sympathizes with the gloom and despair. The phenomenon is a common ground, a meeting place where your heart and environment converge in agreement of pain. It is like the world is singing a song, a sad sad song, and your mind and body are in tune with it, singing and dancing to the timbre, crying at the melody.

The patter and trickle of rain calms you down, it shows you that among the sunny breezy moments of life, it is sometimes good to release all the negativity in our system when needed.

It is a sign that all the sorrow, built-up suffering and anger must flush away, must be deteriorated, broken down: to yield fruition of growth and character.

Just like it is essential for the survival of flowers, it nourishes our sense of purpose, sends a shiver down our spine as an alarm for change, with peace as the destination.

Amidst, you find the strength to reflect about the bittersweet beauty of life. Just like a painted pink sky, glistening boldly as the sun comes down, amidst the ravaging windshield wipers hoping to escape from the wet poison.

You cozily wrap yourself with the coziest softest blanket you can find, sit by a window with an earl grey tea, and observe the pattern of drops slowly racing  against one another in competition.

You watch your reflection in the window, and curve a smile.

It’s a little bit broken.

Just like the rain.

But you know you’ve found your domain, a place that you can feel the most in sync with your spirit.

The lightning scatters across, and thunder rumbles, reacting in pleasure to your ‘in the moment’ trance.

And the rain listens to you.

And after your heart finds peace, the world slows down, and the rain stops.

You close your eyes, open the window, and breathe in the scent of renewed life.

The fresh earth enchants you.

You’re given a second chance.

The rain was simply there to push you, to stir up a hurricane, to rattle your comfort zone.

You had the courage all along, dear.




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