A Letter to a Friend

Dear friend,

You mean so much to me, I quiver at the thought of even trying to express it into mere words.

I haven’t known you long. But time has no meaning when a soul finds its pair for life.

I think it was sex and the city that quoted, ” Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates, and guys are just people to have fun with”.

And you’re my similarly introverted twin soul mate.

I think the concept of friendship is hard, it’s hard to find people to connect with. In today’s world, I think a lot of people are just living with the people around them, because who else can they interact with. They’d rather have the illusion of belonging than actually feeling and yearning to be a part of something. And it scares them like hell that they can’t find what oh so fuels their spirit.

But I have always been a free person. I roam land and sea, and won’t settle for mediocre.

Does that make me stuck-up? Hmmm.

I’ve learned not to tolerate crap. I know what I want, need deserve, and I won’t take anything less.

I’d rather feed the hunger of darkness in my heart than be around people and pretend to be in the crowd; when you know how much you are simply a bird who can’t fly.

I’d rather grow my wings, and wait until they’re good and ready, than keep jumping off cliffs, slowly killing the colour out of life and finding myself living in black and white.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that you’re God’s gift to me.

We’re the same person: have the exact same struggles, issues, fears, insecurities, dreams.

We laugh at the same things, and cry at the same things.

I feel so comfortable, so guided, to know that I have somebody there.

Always. There.

Especially with my insane foolishness from every aspect of life: parents, relationships, food, books, movies, art.

I can rant to you about my over-anxious parasite-hosting thoughts and feelings, ones that a normal person wouldn’t take a millisecond out of their day to worry about.

My gorgeous friend, you are a wonderful human being.

So respectful, kind light-hearted essence. Bold, full of passion, full of willingness to serve others and make them feel loved and special.

One day you will have it all. I know it.

You deserve all the best, keep that childlike innocence. Always.

Continue to see the best in all of life’s breakdowns.

Sometimes, we can’t find what we need until we go through that destructing journey, to rebuild and restructure our goals and discover that camouflaged courage underneath.

It’s a challenging road, yet rewarding gem of wisdom, used to unlock all the future doors that will lead you to your heart’s desires.

Time is our only enemy.

But remember, happiness is a constant state, non-correspondent to our life’s situations.

So laugh at the idiotic moments, and blush at the pulsating ones.

This adventure has only began.

And it starts today.

Happy Birthday.

Go, love. Fly!



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